Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Imagine a world filled with rainbows, candy, crystal clear skies and beaches. Imagine a world filled with tropical cocktails and delicious food. Imagine a world filled with glamour, fashion and travels across the globe. Imagine a world filled with laughter, peace and love! This is the world Clair Seffeen imagined when she thought of... FORTHELOVEOF! And it is that world that has inspired this deliciously gorgeous collection of handmade jewelry, made with love and For the love of beauty! A colorful and rich collection that will sure to get you noticed. With each material hand-picked from the different cities Clair visits during her trips as Buyer for one of the most luxurious stores in the Middle East. So it comes as no surprise that she had the sharp eye for such details and weaving the cultures and beauty of those cities into this collection. FORTHELOVEOF is sinfully obsessive, and we can't wait to start building up our arm candy with this collection. In Bold Neons, sweet pastels and rich tones , this is one collection that is seriously coveted right now. We can't wait to have it here at Blush Boutique! Wear it brightly with your summer kaftans, or pile them on with that LBD to give it a cool vibe, and of course nothing is better to style up your jeans and tee combo than an armful of candy!


Obsessed yet? well get a little fix and enter their world at http://fortheloveofinfo.tumblr.com


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff!!! Need to buy some of these pieces!

Emeline said...

Do you know if ther's any online retailer for their collections? I've searched everywhere and can't find anything :(


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