Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank You McQueen

It is a relief to know that Alexander McQueen the brand will remain, because he started a legacy that he will always be remembered for. For instance, skulls are always attributed to McQueen and will rightly remain so. Now let's talk about my love for this clutch. Two words: Skulls and Studs. Enough said! I can't seem to shake my skull obsession off. I literally collected everything Mr. McQueen stamped his skulls on. The ring, the scarf, ...etc

This Piece of art can be found at Net-a-Porter


Krislyn said...

alexander mcqueen wasn't afraid to be bold and innovative in his designs. love this clutch.

Nancy G. said...

Thanks Krislyn and may i say your blog is amazing!

Alexander McQueen simply revolutionised fashion and for this we will always be grateful. I find myself channeling him somehow in all my styling projects!

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